AIB Business Banking

AIB Business Banking

At AIB Business Banking, the customers can get the assistance whether they are entrepreneurs or having an established SMEs. As a business customer of the AIB, you can get the effective solutions for queries like getting a loan or overdraft, start the business, protect and grow my earning, enable card payment options, switch to AIB, register for internet banking, and request a business customer appointment. If you are facing the challenges in any stage of the business life that include an idea, start-up, established, changing hands, facing challenges, and looking for finance, the bank will help you with their improved solutions like Brexit center, get a quote on your business loan, and subscribe to the business brief. 

AIB Business Banking supporting sectors including Agri, Energy Efficiency, franchising, health care, exporting, family business, renewable energy, and technology. Predominantly, managing of your business is never been easier or doesn't always fit within normal working hours. In this case, AIB Business Banking will give you assistance when, where and how you do your business banking. In relevant to this, the bank offers you a wide range of products and services such as business current accounts, saving & investing, finance & loans, corporate finance, credit cards, debit card, business insurance, and payments. 

The business current account can be applied on AIB Online and you can open the business current account whether you have a start-up or well-established organization. Under business current account, there are many types which involving business current account, switch your business account, young farmer current account, business start-up current account, and currency current account. Finance and loans are subsuming various services like asset finance, business loans, farmer credit line, forestry finance packaging, business loans, energy efficiency finance, business overdraft, PromptPay & insurance premium insurance, invoice finance, venture capital fund, farm investment, and farm development loans. Corporate Finance of AIB will guide you in the key events of the company including disposal, acquisitions, and merger or joint ventures. 

Credit cards also available in various kinds which are classic visa credit card, premier visa corporate card, visa purchasing card, and executive visa corporate card. Payments at AIB Business Banking involving SEPA payment files, SEPA, and Domestic payments, and international payments & foreign exchange. When it comes to the business insurance, you can look for business health insurance, business travel insurance, and business succession planning. Available banking options at AIB business banking are including managing your cash, business banking online, make and receive payments, AIB At an Post, and branch banking at business. 

For comprehensive, cost effective and secure banking, you can use the mobile phone, the internet or iBusiness banking. Otherwise, you can consider the in-branch self-service option to save the money and time. The bank offers you cash management service where you can receive the advice with end-to-end services that suit your business needs. Payment services and products allow you to make the payments with ease both domestically and internationally without facing any hassles. You can utilize another option to access the business banking which is A Post Network.