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AIB is abbreviated as Allied Irish Banks which is one of the four commercial banks in Ireland and it offers a wide range of personal and corporate banking services. The bank is offering you the efficient products whatever your financial state is. Using AIB loans and credit facilities, you can make a plan for your financial career. Including the loans, you can find other products such as mortgages, credit cards, investments, current accounts, insurance, pensions, savings & deposits, and life insurance. These services are available for personal banking account users. Whereas in the case of business banking at AIB, you can get the services like business insurance, business current accounts, corporate finance, debit cards, credit cards, AIB merchant services, finance and loans, and savings & investments. Along with the personal and business banking services, the bank offering you corporate banking services that included debt financing, cash finance, asset finance, invoice finance, corporate credit cards, corporate finance, and merchant services. AIB's treasury products are subsuming foreign exchange, interest risk rate management, cash management, trade finance, and fees & charges.

Personal Banking

At AIB, you can find the effective solutions for the questions like getting a personal loan, insurance, open a current account, open a savings account, get a credit card, register for internet banking, and get a mortgage through the online site You can consider the personal banking products whether you are looking for a right mortgage, loan, credit card, investment, insurance, car insurance, pensions, life insurance, or savings & deposits. AIB Loans allow you to make a plan for your future by utilizing the wide range of loans and credit facilities. There are various types of loans which are provided by the company that subsumes AIB personal loan, car loan, first loan, education loan, travel loan, home improvement loan, and wedding loan. Personal loans key information consists of flexible loan terms from 1 to 5 years, the competitive interest rate for new loans, and no penalty for unscheduled repayments. 

Owing to your financial status, you may not able to buy a new or used car but you'd love to buy a car. This problem can be resolved by taking the AIB car loan in which you can get an approval on loans within three hours. This bank implemented the 3-hour loan decision which applies to fully completed new personal loan applications. You can apply for AIB car loan between 1000 and 3000 Euros through the phone call or visit the bank. The competitive interest rate is available for new loans at 8.95% and standard lending rate available up to 50,000 Euros. You can make additional repayments without paying the penalty. Using online site, you may elect to apply based on the sole name only and joint applications will not allow. The joint application will be applied in the branch or via phone conversations with the associates of the AIB. 

For suppose, you may have the student plus account and you can wish to avail of a reduced rate loan. You can easily apply in your local branch of the bank to get the benefits from student plus accounts. If you want to restructure the existing AIB loan, you can contact your local branch after clearing your debit card and overdraft. If you are a personal bank account holder or AIB advantage account for more than six months, you can apply for a personal loan or loan top up online using AIB internet banking. Car loan calculators available on the AIB online and you can use them to estimate how much you may be able to afford and how much a monthly repayment would be. Specifically, we all have to do love like to have a new kitchen or extend the house or build the tree house for your kids or renovate the house. But, it is so stressful to renovate your home as per your requirements. 

Your worry is resolved if you consider the AIB personal loan for home improvement in which you can get the loan whatever your planning is to be or in which way you want to modify your house. Within three hours, the home loans will be approved by the bank and the loan starting from 1000 Euros. For home loans, you can apply it on the online site or in local branch or via phone call and you will get the amount ranging from 1000 to 30,000 Euros. The loan terms from 1 to 10 years and scheduled flexible repayments are available at AIB. For terms more than 7 years, you are required for additional documentation that includes home renovation incentive scheme, suitable energy authority Ireland better energy grant schemes for home, grant aided home improvements or any combination of the above-mentioned schemes. Through the home loan online calculators, you can work out how much the monthly repayment would be and how much you will be able to afford. Including personal loan for home improvement, you can get the personal overdraft, master plan, and AIB home 

Travel Loan

Maximum percentage of the people usually desired to spend some time with the family members in a new location or wants to give a surprise to your loved ones. The dreams could be true with the assistance of travel loan. When you're planning a travel or tour, you can make it convenient by considering the AIB travel loan which starting from 1000 Euros and it will be approved within 3 hours. You can apply online or contact the representative through a telephone call or visit the local branch to get the travel loan. The loan terms are standard ranging from 1000 to 30000 Euros and it can be extended up to 75000 for joint applications. You can apply via the online site or internet banking of the AIB personal account. Loan affordability calculator will help you to make the decisions how much could borrow with a personal loan from AIB. Through this bank, you can get the travel insurance very easily using the online site.

Education Loan

Throughout your education life cycle, the bank committed to helping students and manage the cost of investing in education. AIB provides the options that are tailored especially for student plus account holders to get finance their education and related costs. If you have an AIB student plus account, you can apply for education loan or a student loan at a competitive interest rate. The loan amount at a special discounted rate up to a maximum of 50,000 Euros. The competitive interest rate for new loans at 8.15% and loan terms from one to five years. Student contribution charge loan has designed for flexible payment solutions for students to pay the registration fees or other college expenses. The student can apply for this loan up to 3000 Euros for each year of your education duration. 

You can choose the interest only repayment option which is cheaper for short terms and more expensive for longer life loans. Maximum term is available for 9 years and you can make unscheduled payments at any time without any penalty. This loan can not be used for any post graduate study or repeat a year of study or fund exam resits. You can get the student contribution charge loan by applying through the online site or AIB bank. To draw the funds, you need to make a new credit application each year. You have to remember an important note that the additional funds will not be sanctioned if you didn't provide the minimum repayment of interest in a previous year. If you have any questions regarding the education loan, you can make a call to the AIB local branch and get the solutions by making conversation with the student officers. Additionally, you can also get the student free overdraft loan under education loan category.

First Loan

With the help of a flexible first loan, you can make your day for exploring new avenues and it assists you to control your finances. This loan is available to the persons whose age is between 18 to 30 years. Your salary must be paid into the AIB account and the one month's salary should be received which is a minimum of 1500 Euros. You must not have held a personal loan before to get the benefits from the first loan. The First loan features and benefits included you can borrow up to 3 times if your net monthly salary will be 1000 to 8000 Euros. You can choose a term between 6 to 60 months and apply for it through the local branch or internet banking or telephone call. You can get the help from personal loan advisors at AIB in order to make the successful application for the first loan.

Wedding Loan

Everyone thinks that the wedding day should be in a grand way or wants to plan the wedding day, you can take the help from AIB to get the easier finance through the wedding loan. The loan will be approved within three hours of time. You can apply for it using the internet banking or local branch and the loan amount will be starting from 1000 to 3000 Euros. The standard loan terms are subsuming 1 to 5 years and no penalty repayments as similar as other loans like education loan, first loan, travel loan, etc. Based on your capacity, you can borrow from the bank and it's important not to overstretch your finances. You need to consider the possibility of future unexpected expenses before applying for the wedding loan. The interest rate may vary on an AIB personal loan but your regular payments still same. So, you have to pay an extra amount at the end of the term. You can make additional payments using the internet banking or local branch. 

Ways to Bank

AIB bank offers you a wide range of options which are convenient ways that can help you to manage your money whenever you need to and from wherever you are. AIB convenient ways are including internet banking, mobile banking, e-statements, tablet banking, phone banking, quick banking, mobile top-up, branch banking, community banking, new social center, private banking, and direct debits & standing orders. Using internet banking, you can keep your money is safe based on its security precautions. It allows you to bank when and where it suits owing to its flexible banking 365 days a year. Registration of internet banking at AIB is very easy and quick process. Accordingly, you can register online or make a call to the company to activate the internet banking. After completion of registration, you will get the registration number and personal access code that can help you to access the AIB internet banking. 

It is available for the personal and small business customers who have the AIB current or business account or credit card. The benefits from internet banking contain easy to use, paperless account & credit card statements available, customer service advisers are available for non-routine transactions, and bank securely 365 days a year. Available services are including check your account and transactions, pay bills and manage your standing orders, top up your mobile phone, transfer the amount from one account to another domestically and internationally, and view all incoming payment details. AIB internet banking is available for 20 hours a day. Direct debits and standouts make your life easier with its automatic payments. You can set up in a way that paying the regular bills by varying or fixed amounts. Key benefits of direct debits are included standing orders are easy to setup and cancel or amend those orders whenever you want. 

Direct debits provide the security against unauthorized debits from your account. These are used for paying the bills like gas, electricity, and credit card bills. To facilitate the direct debit arrangements, you can simply give your bank account details. You can cancel the direct debit account from AIB through the internet banking or make conversations with the advisors. As a customer of AIB, you can able to put the restrictions for direct debits. AIB standing orders are essentially used for paying regular fixed amounts. Without paying any charges, you can setup, cancel or amend the standing order using the internet banking or in local branch or mobile banking. Similarly, you can get the advantages from other ways of banking like tablet banking, mobile banking, self-service banking, branch banking, and everyday rewards.

Business Banking

AIB offers you numerous services of business banking that subsume get a loan or overdraft, enable card payment services, protect and grow my earnings, make a complaint, request a business customer appointment, and register for internet banking. You can gain the advantages from Business Banking throughout the life stages from getting an idea to start the business to look for finance. The business sectors are included Agri, exporting, family business, health care, franchising, renewable energy, and technology. Managing a business is never been easier or not always fit within normal working days. That's the reason, the bank will give you an option so that you can able to get the recommendations from the company when and where you need to do your business banking. 

At AIB business banking, you can find various kinds of services such as business current accounts, savings & investments, corporate finance, finance & loans, credit cards, debit card, business insurance, and payments. By using AIB's Euro and currency current accounts, you can able to conduct your business with ease. Based on the available competitive fees and charges, you can get down to business with AIB through online banking and supportive management team. In order to open a business current account, you can make an appointment with a business customer advisor at your specified time and local branch. 

With the use of business current accounts, receive payments from customers and pay your suppliers easily. You can switch your account to AIB without any charges and no hassles if you follow the step by step guidelines. Through this business current account, you can make and receive international payments. You can open the business current account with the thinking of start-up mind. If you are a young farmer, there is a possibility to open the business account and it is an ideal way to manage your farm finances. When it comes to the savings and investments, available services are deposit accounts, investments, protection, retirement, and pensions. 

Business banking loans at AIB specially designed for small business customers and farmers. If you are unable to choose the type of loan, you can follow the suggestions from advisors who help you in such a way that you can able to select the proper type of loan that suits you. The types of loans are farm investment, 30k in 48 hours, loans for start ups, business loans, asset finance, business overdraft, invoice financing, prompt pay & insurance premium finance, farm development loans, and business credit line. The bank offers you various kinds of credit cards such as classic visa credit card, Executive visa corporate credit card, visa purchasing card, and premier visa corporate card. Business Insurance section provides you business health insurance, business travel insurance, and business succession planning.

Business Banking Options

To access your business banking account at AIB, you can use the banking options like phone, the internet, and iBusiness Banking. Otherwise, you can use the in-branch self-service option to save your money and time. Cash management specialists of AIB bank will provide you end to end service that fits your business needs. Business customers are supported by the relationship management team to fulfill your banking requirements. By using the range of products and services, you can make and receive the payments both domestically and internationally. AIB business credit cards can help you to control the company expenditure and reduce both time and costs involved in the business process. You can also have a choice to access your business account through a Post network.

Corporate Banking

AIB corporate banking is a new kind of partnership which is a unique one that adds the extra value to the bank. If you want a partner who will understand your business deeply and your sectors or views, you can go with AIB where the relationship team will assist you to grow your business. Because the team has years of experience in your specified industry and invests the time to understand your business clearly. The bank specialists dedicated to delivering the full spectrum of banking solutions which can help you to realize your business ambitions whether you run a small or medium business, partnership, multinational organization or financial institution. 

The products and solutions are including debt financing, asset finance, cash management, invoice financing, corporate finance, corporate credit cards, and merchant services. To meet your business goals, you can take the assistance from corporate banking debt financing which can provide the tailored financial solutions very effectively. The experienced and dedicated relationship managers seek to understand the customer's business and sectors to provide the comprehensive debt solutions. The team will tailor pricing, loan tenor, covenants, and repayment schedules to fit your business requirements. Through the business overdraft, finance, insurance, and prompt pay short term finance packages, you can manage your cash flow and capital business needs. Corporate finance will guide you to make the good management in acquisitions, disposal, merger and joint venture. Asset Finance is considered for buying or upgrading your assets. 

Using the asset finance, you can alleviate the hefty upfront costs. Cash Management team of AIB helps to implement the complete payment solutions for companies trading both domestically and internationally. The team will optimize your cash positions more effectively based on the streamline processes to meet your business needs. It also provides the comprehensive testing, training, and ongoing support across all cash management products and services. If you are showing any interest in cash management, you can contact the team directly without any hesitation. These products and solutions will apply for the sectors like hotels, investing in Ireland, food, fisheries & agriculture, transport, logistics & manufacturing, telecom & media, education, healthcare, energy & renewables, wholesale & retail, professional services, automotive, Irish infrastructure, and licensed trade.